Sunday, March 9, 2014

Aspen Heights Season 3 and a New Series!

Hey everybody so I’m really not good at blogging but I thought I would talk about my new series and the future of Aspen Heights here. As season 2 of AH  comes at an end the questions about if there is going to be another season roll in, the simple answer is YES! Of course there is so much left to happen I might even end up having to have a third season, I mean Elita has to save the Aspens doesn’t she? She can’t do that in two episodes! However the wait for season two will be a long one because in between seasons 2 and 3 I’ll be premiering a new series!

The series is called “The Realm of Arragara” I don’t want to give to much away but I’ve never seen anything like it on AGtube. It has to do with a conspiracy I might’ve made up. I used to think about it a lot so then recently I decided I’ll do a series about it!

The premiere will be the weekend after the Aspen Heights Finale, I’m on Spring Break right now So I’m going to start filming tomorrow! I really hope everyone likes it J

Here the cast list: (I may change characters or names but for now this is what it is)

Mia St.Clair- Lena Green
Will Harrison- Ethan Burns
Elizabeth Cole- Maxton Ray
Caden Coleman- Loch
Josie Montoya- Ashleigh George

There are other characters too but those are the main people

~Alexis and the dolls <3

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Whole New Worl- Place to Take Pictures!

When I moved to this house it had a bunch of concrete and two trees. TWO TREES thats it, thats all I had to work with for a nature background! But this morning my mom was telling me how on her walk the day earlier she found a path to this huge wash and she wanted to know if I wanted to come, I wasn't planning on doing anything else so I said sure and we went of with my dog on an adventure! The first place we came upon was an abandoned horse ranch! There were also some trees and actual wildlife and me, being deprived from that for almost two months was almost peeing her pants from excitement! However we hadn't even hit the wash yet so we ventured on! And this is where it got crazy, after we walked across the wash it was like we entered in some other state! Before I go any further I must inform you I live in the desert, its very dry and very brown and most of the time around winter everything dies and it becomes more dry and plain. However past this wash we found a trail in the middle of a forest, and that is the weirdest thing I've ever written because the idea of finding anything that resembled a forest in my own backyard is something I would laugh at yesterday, but today... It's my reality! I can't even exclaim to you all how happy I am to have found this place! My Mom, dog and I walked for 3 hours all over this place and it is honestly never ending! We haven't even explored the whole place yet! We met some lady on our journey who told us to keep going because there is a little pond somewhere! A POND. GUYS A POND, HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE? I think I'm the only one who would be this excited about this... Anyways after my Mom took my dog back home I decided to go back and take more pictures and it was probably the best day that I've had all year.
 Here's the wash! And the mountains too lol

 This is right by the abandoned ranch
 My dog Roxy and I
 The first thing we saw when we crossed the wash
 I was literally so happy to see a tree 
 This is where things got really green!
 oops selfie with Jenna 
 once you pass this it's a whole new world
 See! and it's only february! Imagine when everything comes back to life in the Spring!
Here's a picture of on of the stables at the abandoned Ranch! 

Until Next Time

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

No Space!

So I just wanted to make a quick blog post because I'm so frustrated. So I was able to import a few pictures on my computer and still managing to 8.15 GB of space left on my computer (I deleted a few things) So I thought I would be able to upload it to YouTube without any problems, because uploading doesn't take up any space, or so I thought...

But I guess I was wrong because this message popped up! Anyways... Thats my latest problem.

Bye for now!
~Alexis and the dolls

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I'm Hijacking this blog!

Why hello there bloggers! or maybe you're not bloggers, you just read other peoples blogs. What would you call people like that? views I guess. hmp.
Anyways, as I was saying, Hello! Its Mia here from AGsmiless, I know, I know, you're probably thinking to yourself..."WHAT IS MIA DOING ON THE BLOG!? WHAT DOES HER MOTHER THINK ABOUT THIS?"
Ahem, well, allow me to try and explain. We, the dolls really didn't know about Mom's blog, up untill yesterday when Elizabeth caught her in the act and reported back to us. We spent the entire day trying to come up will a plan to confront her about it. Finally, after 3 hours and 43 minutes we came up with a few ideas...
1. (Felicity's idea) "We all attack her at once screaming about the blog and how she didn't tell us, then when she begging for us to get off of her...We don't."
2.(Emma's idea) "We first break into the zoo, and take, ahem, borrow a tiger or two, then we tie Mom up in a room with no windows or doors with the tiger, whom we've already taught to speak, and he'll confront her"

So basically are plans weren't the all. Until Josie spoke up and told us she'd just go ask her. Clearly we chose Josie's idea, even though Emma said her idea was golden.

So all 11 of us crouched behind the wall, in hopes of hearing first hand what Mom was going to say, and do you know what we heard? do you!? DO YOU!? She said, "Oh I thought you knew, I must've forgot to mention it, sorry."

I have to say I was expecting a much bigger scene then that, but ehh, life happens. Am I right?

So today as I was channel surfing on our channel, I saw the link to our blog, and Wow is it terrible, like sure it has potential, but there is only four posts! FOUR! So naturally I had to make a post, which is clearly what I'm doing now! Hopefully I can get my other sisters involved to to make this blog a little more worth wile! So tell you're friends! Mia's in charge of the blog now! AHAHAHA. Just don't tell my Mother, I haven't got the chance to mention my blog hijacking yet... A little like she forgot to mention the fact we had a blog!
Mothers. What can you do?
Well it's getting late and my spring break ends today. Gross, school tomorrow.
I will definitely be talking to you all very soon!

Lots of Love and Hugs and Kisses,
<<Hey look its me!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Small Dilemma, and a Happy Birthday!

Hey Everyone! 

Long time no post... But no big deal. What is a big deal is imovie 11. I love it, but whats with the fact that it only goes to .10 seconds? This problem makes my videos choppy. Which makes me sad. So I've been thinking about editing my stopmotions on WLMM, and then adding my voice in on my mac. The only problem is that my PC isn't "genuine". But it is. The Windows software worked on all the other computers in my house, but apparently mine isn't genuine. This is one of the many reasons I got my mac. Also the fact that the PC is slower than a sloth, and since its not genuine, rarely keeps a program open longer than 10 minutes, which isn't helpful when I'm trying to save or edit something. 
So this is my dilemma, if you know of a free software I can download onto a mac, that does stopmotions  please tell me, I'm dying here. 

Also, quick shout out to Anna (AGsuperstyle2000) Because its her birthday today! yay! <3 you!

Alright well I think thats it for this terrible blog post, see you soon!

~aLeXis <3    

P.S isn't Zoe so cute? I'm planning on doing an all my dolls video soon, I just have to dress them all perfectly and do their hair the way that best describes their personality. :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Allow me to re-introduce myself, I'm All Studies.


Alright so if you read my last post, and follow my channel, you know that I didn't do half the stuff I said I was going to. I did upload 2/4 parts of "I Spy". However I couldn't finish it because I moved. Yes, you read correctly, I moved! and technically I'm still in the process of moving, (we have a lot of stuff...) But anyways, I needed to do a blog post because I haven't done one in months! What I wanted to tell you all is I'm in high school and right now is a very busy time....finals. Gross. So basically this week I can't make any video's (unless I want to fail my finals...) which means, no new videos. :( but I'm  planning an amazing Dolladay stopmotion! well I hope it's amazing....And I'm going to start filming that on...Saturday? Hopefully. It depends on if I have to unpack more.:( My life these days literally consists of two things; School and Un-Packing. Well Anyways I need to get back to studying! Just in case you wanted to finals for tomorrow are Math and English. blahh.
Your's Truly,

P.S- This is what I'm drinking:) yum! <3 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Important dates and a short rant from Yours Truly!

    Well, its been awhile, hasn't it? I realize i have been out of touch with blogging, and come to thing of it, AGtube too. All I have been uploading are AGPS and their only for AGtopdoll and AGtopmodels! So here are my important dates of when everything is HOPEFULLY going to be up:

I Spy (Fall movie)- September 30-October 15
Harliegh Watch(new series)-November 10th
Dolloween Special(2 parts) October 30&31st

    So those are The official dates of everything to come, of course those aren't the only things I will be uploading, I of course will have to continue with AGTD and AGTM but I will also try to get other videos up like stopmotions and this music video I've been wanting to do! However, we are in the process of moving houses so with all the packing plus school and I'm in a play It's going to be hard to fit everything in. Of course I still will so bear with me! Well hopefully i can get some sort of video up soon, because I feel like I'm losing my subscribers because basically all of my videos are AGPS and it can get a little boring! Well I think I've rambled enough for today so I'll talk to you all soon!

   ~Alexis <3  

P.S here's the promo Picture from "I Spy"