Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Allow me to re-introduce myself, I'm All Studies.


Alright so if you read my last post, and follow my channel, you know that I didn't do half the stuff I said I was going to. I did upload 2/4 parts of "I Spy". However I couldn't finish it because I moved. Yes, you read correctly, I moved! and technically I'm still in the process of moving, (we have a lot of stuff...) But anyways, I needed to do a blog post because I haven't done one in months! What I wanted to tell you all is I'm in high school and right now is a very busy time....finals. Gross. So basically this week I can't make any video's (unless I want to fail my finals...) which means, no new videos. :( but I'm  planning an amazing Dolladay stopmotion! well I hope it's amazing....And I'm going to start filming that on...Saturday? Hopefully. It depends on if I have to unpack more.:( My life these days literally consists of two things; School and Un-Packing. Well Anyways I need to get back to studying! Just in case you wanted to finals for tomorrow are Math and English. blahh.
Your's Truly,

P.S- This is what I'm drinking:) yum! <3