Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fall Movie/Series!

   Its getting into late Summer and i wasn't planning on having a movie, but for some reason I've been feeling the urge to do a movie, but I also wanted to make a series. So I've come up with a pretty cool idea. A fall movie that introduces the setting and a few characters, then a follow-up series. However the series has little to do with the movie's characters, because it will be a few years later. I feel like this is making no sense, Here's a preview for the movie, The Series shall be kept a complete secret:)

   Sophia Marks is an average 14-year-old who was recruited into a CIA teen training facility(Watch Industries), where she was trained to be a spy, However the Facility's main Enemy ( The Ferantas) has been gaining more and more power, and becoming the most powerful gang in the world, They have even befriended terrorists, who are planning an attack on America. Sophia was put on a test mission, which turned into something completely unexpected, a real Feranta encounter, Sophia, thinking she could handle it, takes the Feranta's into her own hands. She could potentially make everything worse for America, or save the country from destruction. What happens next? Watch to find out!

Well there's alittle bit more on The fall movie which i think im going to call...

A: Watch-Chapter One
B: I Spy

Hopefully i can start filming soon, That way it will be up in time for fall!


Friday, August 17, 2012

First Post! Contest Dilema.

Yay! I'm very excited to have a blog, for years I've wanted one, but however i had no idea what to write about, or even what the blog itself would be called! anyway i just wanted to have something up for anyone who is reading this. So VOLIA! I realize that I've been saying Volia! a lot lately but its a fun word, especially since i have nothing else to use... I feel like im rambling, am i rambling? Can you ramble in a blog? I don't know but i think you can...

I actually do want to talk about something though, 50 subbers! Wow I can't believe I actually got here this soon, I just made my account in late June. However if you saw my very short youtube post about maybe having a contest. I did plan on having one, in fact I did make a video for it and everything but, when i went to post it today i was already up to 54, which im so thankful for. So basically im really in a cerfluffal, what should i do? make a contest? raffle? giveaway? I don't know! Maybe I'll just wait for 75 or 100. My brother gave me a pretty cool idea, I post a video saying that if i get 100 subscribers in a week or two then i will have a raffle/giveaway for my subscibers with lots of cool AG brand stuff. Well i don't know what i'm going to do if you have an idea of what i should do then please comment below.

~Alexis and the dolls