Friday, August 17, 2012

First Post! Contest Dilema.

Yay! I'm very excited to have a blog, for years I've wanted one, but however i had no idea what to write about, or even what the blog itself would be called! anyway i just wanted to have something up for anyone who is reading this. So VOLIA! I realize that I've been saying Volia! a lot lately but its a fun word, especially since i have nothing else to use... I feel like im rambling, am i rambling? Can you ramble in a blog? I don't know but i think you can...

I actually do want to talk about something though, 50 subbers! Wow I can't believe I actually got here this soon, I just made my account in late June. However if you saw my very short youtube post about maybe having a contest. I did plan on having one, in fact I did make a video for it and everything but, when i went to post it today i was already up to 54, which im so thankful for. So basically im really in a cerfluffal, what should i do? make a contest? raffle? giveaway? I don't know! Maybe I'll just wait for 75 or 100. My brother gave me a pretty cool idea, I post a video saying that if i get 100 subscribers in a week or two then i will have a raffle/giveaway for my subscibers with lots of cool AG brand stuff. Well i don't know what i'm going to do if you have an idea of what i should do then please comment below.

~Alexis and the dolls

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