Saturday, September 22, 2012

Important dates and a short rant from Yours Truly!

    Well, its been awhile, hasn't it? I realize i have been out of touch with blogging, and come to thing of it, AGtube too. All I have been uploading are AGPS and their only for AGtopdoll and AGtopmodels! So here are my important dates of when everything is HOPEFULLY going to be up:

I Spy (Fall movie)- September 30-October 15
Harliegh Watch(new series)-November 10th
Dolloween Special(2 parts) October 30&31st

    So those are The official dates of everything to come, of course those aren't the only things I will be uploading, I of course will have to continue with AGTD and AGTM but I will also try to get other videos up like stopmotions and this music video I've been wanting to do! However, we are in the process of moving houses so with all the packing plus school and I'm in a play It's going to be hard to fit everything in. Of course I still will so bear with me! Well hopefully i can get some sort of video up soon, because I feel like I'm losing my subscribers because basically all of my videos are AGPS and it can get a little boring! Well I think I've rambled enough for today so I'll talk to you all soon!

   ~Alexis <3  

P.S here's the promo Picture from "I Spy"