Sunday, March 9, 2014

Aspen Heights Season 3 and a New Series!

Hey everybody so I’m really not good at blogging but I thought I would talk about my new series and the future of Aspen Heights here. As season 2 of AH  comes at an end the questions about if there is going to be another season roll in, the simple answer is YES! Of course there is so much left to happen I might even end up having to have a third season, I mean Elita has to save the Aspens doesn’t she? She can’t do that in two episodes! However the wait for season two will be a long one because in between seasons 2 and 3 I’ll be premiering a new series!

The series is called “The Realm of Arragara” I don’t want to give to much away but I’ve never seen anything like it on AGtube. It has to do with a conspiracy I might’ve made up. I used to think about it a lot so then recently I decided I’ll do a series about it!

The premiere will be the weekend after the Aspen Heights Finale, I’m on Spring Break right now So I’m going to start filming tomorrow! I really hope everyone likes it J

Here the cast list: (I may change characters or names but for now this is what it is)

Mia St.Clair- Lena Green
Will Harrison- Ethan Burns
Elizabeth Cole- Maxton Ray
Caden Coleman- Loch
Josie Montoya- Ashleigh George

There are other characters too but those are the main people

~Alexis and the dolls <3


  1. Hi alexis my name is chelsea and i think your amazing! I love you and hope it will take you a few more years for to stop on youtube ( btw i really dont want you to stop :P) I actually been inspired by you to make an AG series called " The Only Ones" i hope to see you and talk to you one day. if you ever wanna chat just go on instagram and dm me at @the._. britney and these were actually inpired by you all of those acc. LUV YOU <3

    ~Chelsea <3

  2. The Cast was almost COMPLETLY DIFFERENT then what TROA really had

  3. Hello! I absolutely LOVE Aspen Heights, and I nominated you for an award!

  4. Here's another award or two, since I think your AWESOME!

  5. Hi Alexis! I love Aspen Hieghts a bunch! I also love dolls to I have eight in total! :O

    1. Molly (Historical)
    2.Emily (Molly's BFF)
    3. Saige (GOTY 2013)
    4. Elizabeth Rosemary (MYAG 21)
    5. Isabelle (GOTY 2014)
    6. Bayley (MYAG)
    7. Hannah (Truly Me)
    8. April (Bitty Baby)